Virtual Tri with a Twist

2021 One More Tri is now a virtual triathlon. You’ll have the flexibility to be a multi-sport athlete and race it on your own time, your own pace and your own space. Indoors or outdoors, it’s your call.

But there’s a twist. 2021 One More Tri will be all Unified Relays.

A Unified Relay joins athletes with and without disabilities on the same team. It’s inspired by a simple principle: competing together is a quick path to understanding and acceptance. And foster a community of inclusion along the way.  

There’s still swimming, biking and running. But 2021 One More Tri Virtual Relays participants take on just two of the three legs. For this year’s race, we’re asking participants to swap out that third leg a more awesome segment — a Special Olympics New Jersey (SONJ) athlete relay partner who will take on an accessible endurance challenge. Pretty cool twist, huh?


How it works

  1. You pick your distance: Sprint or Super Sprint.
    • Sprint: .25 Mile Swim / 12 Mile Bike / 3 Mile Run
    • Super Sprint: .1 Mile Swim / 6 Mile Bike / 1.5 Mile Run
  2. You pick the two legs that you want to race. The legs do not need to be completed in the same day. Or even by the same people. One participant can do both legs or buddy up with a friend/family member and take on one leg each.
  3. SONJ Event Staff will pair you up with an SONJ athlete to form your Unified Relay Team.
  4. Your SONJ athlete relay partner picks the endurance challenge from the list of approved activities.

Unified Relay Legs

Participant: Choose to Bike & Run, Swim & Bike, or Swim & Run.

  • Swim Leg - We know not everyone has access to a safe open water swimming location. For this year, we will be allowing participants to complete the swim leg several ways including paddle boarding, kayaking. If you have access to water and want to safely swim your race distance do it! But for those who don’t – we have options.
    • SWIM: Open water or pool your proper race distance (.1 or .25 miles)
    • PADDLE BOARDING: 25 minutes for Sprint, 10 minutes for Super Sprint
    • KAYAKING: 25 minutes for Sprint, 10 minutes for Super Sprint
  • Bike Leg
    • DISTANCES: Sprint: 12 Mile Bike/Super Sprint: 6 Mile Bike
    • OUTDOORS: Find a safe course, away from busy traffic. Be smart and stay safe! Obey all traffic laws. Always ride WITH the flow of traffic.
    • INDOORS: Feel free to use a bike trainer or indoor bike, for example: Schwinn, Peloton, etc.
  • Run Leg
    • DISTANCES: Sprint: 3 Mile Run/Super Sprint: 1.5 Mile Run
    • OUTDOORS: Plan your route on runnable roads or trails with high visibility. Stay away from crowded areas. Always run AGAINST the flow of traffic.
    • INDOORS: Feel free to use a treadmill.

SONJ Athlete – Six activities to choose from, with several modifications available in each to make them more accessible to a wide range of athletes. Most can be done at home/in your neighborhood with minimal equipment.



Register: Now – September 20

Each participant needs to register at

You can register to do both legs or tag team it with a buddy. Soon after you register, we’ll send your race bib.  And if you haven’t already been training, now’s the time to get yourself race-ready.

Connect: Mid-September

Keep a look out for an email introducing you to the SONJ athlete(s) who’ll be rounding out your team. If there are lots of SONJ athletes interested in joining up (and we expect this to happen), you may have multiple SONJ athletes competing with you. In that email, you’ll receive the SONJ athlete’s bio and photo, along with your team name.

We will also have a One More Tri Padlet to connect and share messages and photos.

Race: September 1 – September 30

Go out (or stay in) and bike and run...and have a blast! When you want. Where you want. You can push yourself to finish both legs at one time. Or you can complete them on two separate days. You can “tri” as hard or as easy as you want. Use your favorite device to track your performance

Post: September 2 – September 30

Post your results using the form provided. And don’t forget your photos/videos! Selfies are always fun! Or have your support crew take photos of you during your bike/run!

Rock Your Swag: Mid-October

You’ll receive a very cool package in the mail in October with your custom race bag, super-soft ONE MORE TRI tee, finisher medal plus some other sweet surprises.


Recording your Time


You can use a smartwatch (Apple Watch, Garmin, FitBit) to help record each leg. Or you can also use free apps on your smartphone such as MapMyRun, Strava, or RunKeeper. If you don’t have a smartwatch or app, you can use a stopwatch/phone timer.

Make sure your watch/tracking device works and test it out a few days ahead of time. If you need, use your stopwatch on your phone, and make sure you have validation of your mileage.

We’d love it if you would wear your race number while you’re competing in the bike and/or run leg. It’s optional. But it’s fun!

Post your Results

Have your race bib (or bib #) handy.

Once you complete your distance(s), input your results using the link that will be emailed to you in September. The form to enter your results will also be available on this website.

While you’re at it, snap a selfie to share with your teammates. You can even take it one step better and record a quick selfie video to encourage your partner(s). We will have a fun page set up to connect and share messages and photos. Stay tuned for more details.

Submit your results and photos between September 2 – 30.

Planning your Bike and Run Route

There are lots of ways to plan your bike and run route. The distance is the only requirement - everything else is up to you. You can add hills or flat stretches as you see fit. You may want to include fueling and aid stations.

Here are some options that might help with your route planning.


Strava Routes: Using this Strava feature, you can find routes that runners and cyclists near you have completed. Other features can be found on MapMyRun and RunGo.

Do a Loop: A looped course can be repetitive, but it offers the advantage of stashing food and nutrition on your route. Having your crew (aka family & friends) work an impromptu water stop can really help.

Out-and-Back Route: If you don’t have the tech to map a route, have trouble remembering directions, or don’t want to do a loop, an out-and-back is a simple solution. It has some repetitiveness, but if you have a GPS watch, all you have to do is run/bike half of the race out and head on back. A way to spice is up: Try to go faster on the way back for a negative split.


Treadmill or Indoor Exercise Bike: This is a good choice for people who can’t go outside right now. If you do go this route, we recommend setting up a playlist ahead of time, have friends call in for motivation, and mix up the elevation and pacing to give your muscles a break.